1 October 2014

Autumn Approaching

Happy October! 

As you may know, my favourite season is well on its way. Autumn is fast approaching, and I thought I'd put together a collection of photos to show what I've been up to. These are some moments in the past week or so where I've sensed traces of autumn in the air.

This is a photo from my walk to Barnes train station. You can take 
the main road to get to it, but there’s also this lovely wooden 
path you can use as a shortcut. There are cars stuck in traffic to 
the right of this photo, but to the left, there are bushes and
brambles amidst trees that have long since shed their leaves.

I had a late lecture the other day, and it was a bit chilly, so I stopped 
at Costa to get an Americano. I sat under this big oak tree on campus, 
listened to Bon Iver, and read Underground by Jim Moore. I'm obsessed 
with his poetry at the moment — I think he's brilliant. 

This is the poem I'm most loving at the moment. I like that
the poem itself pulls a disappearing act. The imagery of
autumn is so strong as well, it's a great poem for October.

This photo was taken in Queen’s building on campus after my first 
Creative Writing Seminar. I was walking down the hall and I noticed 
this tree with bright yellow leaves and the sun slanting right through it. 

Yesterday I put in my headphones and went for a walk around campus because 
I hadn’t toured it since I arrived. We’re really lucky at Roehampton. We are 
the only uni in London that has a campus setting, so there’s a lot of natural 
wooded space and little trails to follow. I love weeping willows, and this tree 
had the most beautiful sweeping branches that just barely touched the lake. 
There was also this crumbling fountain and the dirt was matted with dead leaves.

This last photo is the view from my bedroom at uni. It was a dark night but the sky was clear, 
so you could see the moon up to the left. The library is right across from my building, and you 
can see the lights glowing from the windows when the sun sets.

At first, the changing season made me really homesick for New England. I missed the summer harvest, getting pumpkins and picking apples on a Saturday afternoon. I missed watching my Mum and Nana make applesauce and soup to be canned and stocked in our shelves for the long winter ahead. I missed Halloween decorations, and going to Starbucks with my friend to get coffee after school. I missed driving around our little town listening to Vampire Weekend's Modern Vampires of the City. I even missed the hype of high school homecoming and wearing my senior sweatshirt to school, if you can believe that.

But after spending some time getting adjusted to my new surroundings, I came to the conclusion that autumn is just as beautiful here as it is at home, I'm just living it it in a different way — and that's all right. I'm in a new place and I'm learning what it's like to be a part of a big city like this, and this experience is only enhanced by the richness of the autumn season. 

Lots of love,
Miss Monica Jean